Jet-Set-Her Travel Diary | Las Vegas

Omgeee guys, I went to Viva Las Vegas for the first time ever! I know… I know “who hasn’t been to Vegas before?” Me, but now I can say, I have. Let me just say for the record, Las Vegas is the perfect place to go for a quick get-a-way trip. I wouldn’t stay there longer than three days. Just because after awhile there is only so much left to do and I hate when i’m on a trip and stressed because we have no idea what to do next, so we stayed two nights and three days. The weather is hot, but nothing surprising being from the south. The flight also wasn’t that bad, it was about three hours from Texas. Continue reading Jet-Set-Her Travel Diary | Las Vegas


Is It Bad That I Hate Being In Public Spaces?

I’ve always said this, but recently this weekend I realized that I HATE being in public spaces. I wouldn’t necessarily say i’m an introvert, because I can interact with people and be social when I feel the need, but it’s just that some people don’t possess common sense, they’re rude and classless, the micro-aggressions and passiveness is very annoying (being a person of color, you receive it even more than the average person), people don’t know personal space, they can’t control their actions, it’s just all too much. Also, in today’s climate it’s a whole other thing being in a public space, because you know… mass shootings and guns, people just don’t know how to coexist. I’m just not a fan.

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Ladies, Stop Expecting Closure. It’s Overrated.

Oh goody, the joys of the complicated, confusing and after awhile pointless dating culture. Let’s discuss ‘closure’ on today’s episode, shall we. Closure, the one word that we like to throw around when a dating/relationship situation ends abruptly or without any explanation, and then spend a great amount of time contemplating and wondering in the back of our minds, why did they do me like this? They could at least provide me with some closure, so I can move on. I’m here to tell you guys, I don’t give a damn about receiving closure from no one in my past and neither should you, sis.


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My Current Favorite Shimmering Body Highlighters For The Melanated Girls!

So as you guys may know, spring is here and summertime is right around the corner. I love this time of the year not only because it’s my birthday season, but the sun is shining, you get a sun-kissed tan, school is out and you get to wear the cutest clothes (sundresses, shorts, matching sets, skirts ect.). (Speaking of, you guys already know I have been buying some of the cutest things for this summer, haul coming soon!)

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#AmazonAddict – What Did I Buy?

Hey there beauties, so i’m sitting here underneath the hair dryer doing my weekly deep condition and I decided i’m going to start a new blog series called ‘#AmazonAddict’ because that is what I am lol! You guys, I love shopping on Amazon, like ya’ll don’t understand (they need to go ahead and sponsor ya girl, Jeff wassup?). I feel like I order some really great things, so I wanted to share the wealth with you guys… thank me later.

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How I Revived My Yvonne Brazilian Curly Clip In Hair Extensions

Hey guys, i’m back with another natural hair blog post, this time about clip in extensions. If you’re already subscribed to my YouTube Channel then you know that i’m trying to grow my naturally curly hair longer/healthier and i’m documenting the journey. Now it does take a lot of work to grow and maintain naturally curly hair and i’m not going to lie, i’m very impatient. So I came up with a way to have long curly hair while in the process of protecting and growing my own at the same time.

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New Album’s That Should Currently Be In Your Playlist

Has March and April become the month’s of good music, orrr? Because some of my favorite artist have put out new albums/EP’s and I have been jammin’ ever since, yaasss! I’m very serious about my music choices (i’m not about to be out here being brainwashed through the stuff I listen to like a lot of others), and I believe I have an ‘old soul’ when it comes to music, so all this mumble rap and people who can’t sing on the radio, my ears just don’t have the time. Anyways, I wanted to share with guys what i’m listening to currently and bless your playlist:


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