The Motivated Women, How To Be On Your A+ Game

Life can get real hectic, real fast. Negative situations happen in our lives and it’s inevitable. Whether you just broke up with your boo, or just simply going through a troubling time-period in your life, motivation is what fuels us to look past our situations and continue on to achieve great things. I’m going to provide you with the necessary steps to getting back on your A+ game.

Reconnecting With Your Spirituality/Religion – This is the most important because it helps give people a since of purpose. It is comforting to know that there is a higher power that is watching over you, and whose practices you’re following. At the beginning and end of the day, spend time praying and practicing your beliefs. Get your spirituality and energy right. Notice how you feel afterwards.

Mental Health & Knowing Your Worth – Therapy is your friend. Being able to talk about your issues and receive expert opinion is very healthy. Sometimes people don’t know that our childhood and past life experiences shape who we are and how we think. Positive affirmations everyday will began to positively shape your mindset. One thing that helps me is going on Pinterest and saving motivational quotes. I also know people that download motivational apps and set them to where they send daily notifications.

Loving The People Around You – Spending time with people that make you happy is always a plus. Enjoy a ladies night out, and have a drink or four! Plan a family barbecue and wild out on the dance floor. Make memories with your friends and family, and do things that take you outside of your comfort zone. Laugh until your stomach hurts and love the people that genuinely make you happy.

Set and Conquer Goals – I feel like life is about purpose, and your job on earth is to find yours. Create a visual board for yourself, and cut out pictures of all of your goals and hang it on your door, so you can look at it everyday you walk out. Finding a main goal and focus, and working toward that will distract your mind for the good. Don’t let ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE, deter you from your goals and dreams. Like Kanye once said, “If they hate, then let them hate and watch the money pile up.”

Physical Appearance – Once everything is right on the inside, time to work on the outside. I am a firm believer that when you look good, you feel good. Find fashion, makeup and hair inspirations. Put together pieces to create classy and sexy looks. Be all about your health by eating right and exercising. Drink water and focus on glowing your skin. Be able to walk into a room, and make them all stare.

Trust me, motivation can be easy to lose, but it’s up to YOU to fix it and revamp YOUR life. Follow the steps above and then notice what happens. Good luck, you got this.



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