Yay My First Book “Take A Chill Pill & Be Still” Is Finally Here!

“Take A Chill Pill & Be Still, The Millennials Guide to Living A Bomb Azz Life,” is the book ALL Millennials and Generation Z-er’s need to have added to their collection! You guys i’m so blessed & happy to be able to call myself an author. Over the years, writing has become sooo therapeutic for me and I can finally say i’m living out one of my wildest dreams.

Soo about this book tho…

I’m a so called “millennial.” I have watched this era’s gradually change over time and still changing currently. From the smooth 90’s, the poppin’ early 00’s and this new “social media rules everything around me” age. I’ve seen it all you guys. I understand that life is all about growing and evolving, but I feel like today’s world is a tad bit different and it takes a little more adjusting to really get to that ‘Bomb Azz Life’ you want. Now everyones idea of ‘the perfect life’ is completely different, I understand that, but lucky this guide book can at least lead you in the right direction 🙂.

Right out of college, I got a job working in an office. I was so excited to finally make some real money. Upon accepting the job and getting cozy at my desk, I realized that my boss wasn’t too found of me and make me do some of the most pointless and dumbest things around the office … simply, because I was the youngest in the office. She was a older lady that would refer to me as a “Millennial” and ask me how old I was every other day (she acted this way towards me, yet needed me to help her with technology related issues and how to shop on Fashion Nova during work hours lol) I believe to this day, I was discriminated against because of my age. I eventually left because the vibe just wasn’t worth it, but this isn’t something new you guys, discrimination happens everyday, but age discrimination… that is a new one I had yet to experience.

I wanted my first book to be a sort of ‘guidebook’ on how to navigate through life as a Millennial or a Generation Z-er. I have so many goals that I want to accomplish in my life and by no means am I saying I have it all figured out, I do not, but like all the other young people out there… i’m trying. I wanted to take myself and life out of it for a second and focus on the nitty gritty of what it takes to live a bomb life. Most people, especially the ones growing up today would say it takes: ‘clout’, Balenciaga’s, Gucci, a passport, a fine bae and 1M followers on Instagram. Those are only the rewards of living a bomb life, but there is a lot of work underneath the surface that needs to be done, before you get there. My thing is, don’t let this fictional world fool you. It’s easy to look around you or on social media and see people perpetrating like ‘there life is a movie.’ Eight times out of ten it’s a lie. Don’t get caught up in the fakeness, we ALL need guidance you guys, and there will never be anything wrong with that.

I hope, hope, hope, hope, that you enjoy my book or as I call it, ‘guidebook,’ and it helps you to figure out your life’s path or at least start you on your journey to figuring out your life’s path as a young adult … don’t worry, i’m on that same journey as you.

giphy (9)

Click here to purchase your copy ♥️



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