Can we just have a moment of silence for THE QUEEN MF’N BEY, the Destiny’s Child reunion, the outfit changes, the all natural body and the Women Empowerment/HBCU/Homecoming theme, please? As you all may know, Beyoncé was the headlining act for Coachella 2018. Not to mention she is the FIRST black women to headline Coachella, and she came all the way through, snatching wigs and edges effortlessly.

So, for weeks people have been wondering what she was going to do, it was rumored that even the record label had no idea. I did hear speculation about a Destiny’s Child reunion which she did, but some people thought she was going to bring out LaTavia and LeToya (the two beginning draft picks that didn’t make the cut back in the 90’s lol) but instead she only reunited with Kelly and Michelle (who, after all these years, still can’t keep up smh). And of course, she also brought out that lyin’ cheatin’ ass fool Jay Z and forced us to clap for him (I still want to know who he cheated on Bey with? I mean like from Beyoncé to who?).

Nonetheless, I had my fingers crossed and just knew she was going to drop an entire brand new album, like she did back in 2013, when she silently released an album and went on about her business. I seriously cannot wait until she puts out new music, we are in need of an album or even a couple of singles (with no Jay Z, we can do without him, maybe a couple of adlibs, but that’s it). 

Can we talk about the entire theme/message behind her performance though? Beyoncé Gisselle Knowles not only performed all her hit songs during a 2 hour set AT MIDNIGHT, but the band and dancers were all black, she paid homage to NPHC, her costume had Black Panther detailing on it, she incorporated music from Nigerian musician Fela Kuti as well as DJ Screw (Houston’s very own) and STREAMED IT LIVE for the world to see. Beyoncé smoothly let all ya’ll know, you were going to see this black girl magic today.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 10.46.53 AM.png

Beyoncé proves to us time and time again that, that your faves could never do half the things she does. She is a true entertainer that can actually sing and dance at the same damn time, and gives you your money’s worth honey. She does not need to devalue herself, do interviews with ya’ll messy bloggers, post naked picture online, pull crazy stunts to stay relevant in the public eye. Her talent speaks for itself and has for 20+ years. This 36-year-old mother of three, just let us know she is back you guys… almost like she never left.


snatched beyonce knowles GIF-source.gif




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