How I Revived My Yvonne Brazilian Curly Clip In Hair Extensions

Hey guys, i’m back with another natural hair blog post, this time about clip in extensions. If you’re already subscribed to my YouTube Channel then you know that i’m trying to grow my naturally curly hair longer/healthier and i’m documenting the journey. Now it does take a lot of work to grow and maintain naturally curly hair and i’m not going to lie, i’m very impatient. So I came up with a way to have long curly hair while in the process of protecting and growing my own at the same time.

So I bought these Yvonne curly hair clip-in extensions from AliExpress. I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews on Yvonne hair, like their wigs and bundles, so I didn’t have a problem with buying these clip-in’s. Upon buying, I was really excited, because I paid about $50 for one 18″ pack and received 3 day express shipping. When I received the package I was DISAPPOINTED! The packaging was not like the seller’s/reviews pictures on AliExpress with the pretty pink writing and the hair was SUPER frizzy. I immediately opened a dispute and let them know I needed my money back. After a couple of days, I received the refund and they let me keep the hair too… thank you AliExpress 🙂

This is what I received in the mail.


This is what was supposed to arrive.


Since I already had the hair in my possession, I was like let me fix this atrocity that was sent to me. So this is how I revived the curly hair clip-in extensions.

Clean The Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar & Water


This looks like a nasty black soup lol but it’s just my weave being soaked in ACV. The reason I did this was to kill any bacteria or alkaline base that is on the hair, that could possibly cause sore’s or itching.

Detangle, Shampoo & Condition The Hair


Of course, it’s always important to wash and condition any hair you get just to make sure it’s clean before you put it in your hair. I used the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner. I also used a detangle brush to comb out any knots. The hair also had a smell to it and this helped with the odor.

Apply Leave-In Conditioner, Oil & Curling Product


After you wash and condition your hair, it will come out frizzy because this is human hair. Just like if you were washing your natural hair, you need to add products to tame the frizziness. I applied Cantu Leave-In Conditioner and Grapeseed Oil, then I went over it and added Camille Rose Curl Maker to the ends, to keep them curly.

Let The Hair Air Dry


Finally, I just let the hair air dry. It will feel extra soft, look super shiny and moisturized. To maintain your curly clip in’s it’s best to wash them often, but not too often.


Currently my hair is straighten, so when I do my next wash day then I will install the clip-in’s. I plan on using these as a protective style and i’m going to braid up the back of my hair, put the clip in’s on top and leave my natural hair out in the front. This hair also matches perfectly with my hair color and texture. I’m ready to see how this is going to look.



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