Ladies, Stop Expecting Closure. It’s Overrated.

Oh goody, the joys of the complicated, confusing and after awhile pointless dating culture. Let’s discuss ‘closure’ on today’s episode, shall we. Closure, the one word that we like to throw around when a dating/relationship situation ends abruptly or without any explanation, and then spend a great amount of time contemplating and wondering in the back of our minds, why did they do me like this? They could at least provide me with some closure, so I can move on. I’m here to tell you guys, I don’t give a damn about receiving closure from no one in my past and neither should you, sis.


The reason I wanted to write this ‘think piece’ is because this recently happen to me and I always have to document these things… you know, for the culture. By no means am I trying to expose any trash person from my past (I mean why would I want to do such a thing?), I simply thought long and hard about this situation and noticed that this happens to a lot of ladies, being consumed by this false narrative that receiving closure from your old fling is going to help you go on about life peacefully and help you in your future relationships. Sorry to break it to you, but in my best Maury voice, that is a lie.

I REFUSE to let anyone, let alone a loser, have control over my mindset because essentially that’s what it does. You may go through some trials and tribulations, but you’ll eventually learn this concept. The thing is whenever I involve myself with someone, I don’t expect them to be flawless and perfect, because we are all human, but just know that your inconsistencies, insecurities and promiscuous ways or whatever you got going on over there, has NOTHING to do with me, whatsoever. I refuse to be cast member in your shenanigans, like I said that has nothing to do with me. I also will not sit and dwell on it for months or years, especially knowing for sure that I did nothing wrong and homeboy was just a bum that receives sick pleasure out of wasting people’s time.


Ladies, I have the key to all the madness, you have to truly believe more than anything that no one is going to stop the abundance, love and greatness that is coming your way, especially if your intentions are good and you have a good heart. It’s inevitable that happiness is waiting with your name on it, give it time. That is why it is important to have things going for yourself until then and to focus on things other than waiting around for someone’s crusty son to finally explain why he did you wrong.

Not having the ‘closure’ you want will not stop anything. God is still going to answer your prayers, you’re still going to eat, you’re still going to look cute, your still going to be in the gym working on your summer body, you’re still going to turn up with your girls, you’re still going to focus on your career, you’re still going to glow, you’re still going to have money in the bank, you’re still going to go out on dates for the free food and last but not least you’re still going to be that: giphy (1).gif, at the end of the day.

From experience, the only thing that happens with closure, is months later you get a old troll from your past, snooping back around trying to see how you living (good) and if you got a new boo making you happy and if they can get a second chance to disappoint you once again. By that time you’re over him and could care less about the situation, but you’re still wondering what happen to him, so you ask and after all this time they finally tell you some foolishness, so you laugh and block em’.

Ladies, moral of the story is, you don’t need closure, it’s overrated. 9/10 he don’t care and neither should you. Move on with your life sis and live. They’ll eventually see the glow up and be sick, but by that time you’ll be in a whole new place in your life.

Don’t ever say I never taught you anything, be blessed.





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