Is It Bad That I Hate Being In Public Spaces?

I’ve always said this, but recently this weekend I realized that I HATE being in public spaces. I wouldn’t necessarily say i’m an introvert, because I can interact with people and be social when I feel the need, but it’s just that some people don’t possess common sense, they’re rude and classless, the micro-aggressions and passiveness is very annoying (being a person of color, you receive it even more than the average person), people just don’t know personal space, they can’t control their actions, it’s just all too much. Also, in today’s climate it’s a whole other thing being in a public space, because you know… mass shootings and stuff, some people just don’t know how to coexist. I’m just not a fan.

giphy (2)

Let me tell you guys what happened over the weekend that bout’ sent me over the edge. So I attended my cousin’s high school graduation which was in another city, so we had to leave early. I was a little excited, because the graduation was held at my old university and I got to take a little tour of my old stomping grounds. We got there early (which means we were in charge of saving seats for our huge family), so as we’re sitting there this little family was sitting in the row in front of us and they decided they wanted to move seats. The little husband picks up his child, walks towards me, and instead of saying ‘excuse me’ and allowing me to get up and move to make way for him, he takes his funky filthy leg and steps over me, like he knows me or something, he even touched my Marc Jacobs bag…eww.

giphy (1)

Ya’ll I had to get outta character real quick. I had to get loud and let him know, “bruh, what are you doing, all you have to do is say excuse me!?” He turns around and says, “Well I said I had to get through.” Ya’ll lmao…


When I tell you everybody was watching me act out in that moment, and the little mom that was sitting with him just walked the other way. I was not about to play with them… not today.

This is only one incident, but there has been several times when I just look at people like you don’t have no home training and common sense really isn’t that common huh? People let everything that’s happening on social media and in the news dictate how they act in public and it’s mainly the ‘adults’ that need to get checked. Like it’s gotten to a point where I don’t like going out unless it is to something exclusive away from the ‘commoners’ and the public because if someone acts a fool with me or my people it’s only so much ‘being a lady’ and ‘good samaritan’ i’m going to be.

Laugh at me all you want, but if I need to go somewhere I will plan it out so i’m not around too many people. I will go to the grocery store right when they open, I only online shop, I don’t like waiting around at restaurants, I don’t do clubs and concerts (unless it’s something I really want to go to, even then accommodations are made), because people really be trying it and I don’t want to end up on BallerAlert, WorldStarHipHop, The Shaderoom and Facebook/Twitter for acting a fool. It only takes a second for you to go viral and be out here looking like a goofy.

If Queen Beyonce taught me anything it is to not mix and mingle with all the ‘commoners’. When you roll around in the mud with pigs, you get dirty and who wants that?



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