Beyoncé Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack. New Album – Everything Is Love❤️

I’m just… i’m just speechless right now! Beyoncé Giselle Knowles did it once a-mf-gain (and Jay Z too, but he wouldn’t be NOTHING without the Queen by his side, let’s just start there) she released another album with absolutely no promo, unexpectedly snatching edges, while on tour overseas. I have to apologize to her though, I was upset because I wanted new music from Bey, and I was like, ‘why is she going on tour performing old music, I mean I know every word, but I want something new… it’s long overdue’. Yesterday afternoon, sis made me eat my words.


Ya’ll I had to just grit my teeth and purchase a Tidal subscription (I want to support black businesses, but Spotify is free for me lol) because if you’re a Beyoncé fan and don’t have it, you’ll be feeling left out in times like these. Pushing all of that beehive, ‘stan’ stuff to the side, I really appreciate and respect Beyoncé as a human being and a successful black woman in general, the way she carries herself, she is untouchable and unstoppable, plus she’s from Houston:) She is the example, of a black woman having it ALL.

Listening to this album I was GETTING MY LIFE… ya heard me GET-TING MY LIIIFFE! If there was anything I took away from this album, it was to be stack your money steadily, to the point where you create generational wealth and take care of everyone around you, the love will eventually come and there may be trials and tribulations (and a couple cheating scandals), but in the end you will come out on top, you will have it all and you can stunt on all these hoes. Beyoncé doesn’t care about the rumors and what people assume, she minds her business and will acknowledge things on her own time… and in a song only lol she will sing or rap it (which she did on this album gracefully) in a way that has the world trying to figure out what she means or who she’s talking about. Beyonce doesn’t do interviews and blogs because people misinterpret things to create drama for clicks, views and likes. Just listen to “HEARD ABOUT US” on the album.

One thing about The Carter’s Beyonce in particular is that they don’t need to troll for attention and that is what I enjoy, because it makes it easy to be fan with them embarrassing you or themselves.

My favorite songs are BOSS, 713, SUMMER, BLACK EFFECT, HAPPY LOVE and APES**T. Sis went off and I have been blasting this in my car ever since.

This Houston beauty just doesn’t disappoint, Beyonce you have a supporter forever!





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