Jet-Set-Her Travel Diary | Las Vegas

Omgeee guys, I went to Viva Las Vegas for the first time ever! I know… I know “who hasn’t been to Vegas before?” Me, but now I can say, I have. Let me just say for the record, Las Vegas is the perfect place to go for a quick get-a-way trip. I wouldn’t stay there longer than three days. Just because after awhile there is only so much left to do and I hate when i’m on a trip and stressed because we have no idea what to do next, so we stayed two nights and three days. The weather is hot, but nothing surprising being from the south. The flight also wasn’t that bad, it was about three hours from Texas.

IMG_3826So we stayed at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. I actually like the hotel it was tolerable, I didn’t have too many complaints expect for when I called housekeeping to change the bedsheets because (i’m a extreme germaphobe) I saw a spot on it and there was no way in hell I was going to sleep on stained bedsheet…in a hotel…in Las Vegas. After about two hours, the housekeeper finally came to change them. I really liked the bathroom because it had a light up vanity mirror (perfect for pictures), a separate shower, tub and toilet with two dip sinks. We also had a pretty nice view of the Las Vegas Effiel Tower, The Fountains at the Bellagio and some of the strip! Since we checked in a couple of hours early, the front desk receptionist gave us the resort room on the 20th floor! I thought I was going to have to finesse, but all we said was we were “first timers and if they had any upgrades.”

View from the 20th floor of Planet Hollywood

Now on to the city, Vegas is very fun, especially for those who enjoy getting lit all day everyday without being judged lol. Since the The Strip is the go to place for tourist, there are thousands of restaurants, clothing stores, casinos, nightclubs, liquor shops ect., and you never really have to want for anything. I am a huge foodie and I love a good meal, so when we first got there we went to ‘Hot N Juicy Crawfish’ and the food was so bomb! It was really expensive, $15/lb for crawfish, in the south you can get it for like $6/lb sometimes even $4/lb! The cajun calamari is soooo good. Next to it is a place called ‘Nacho Daddy,’ a Mexican restaurant and they serve the best gourmet nachos and you get a lot for your money. We also went to this place called “Pampas Brazilian Grill” for breakfast and it was good, just your typical American breakfast. They also have a deal, where you can get three alcoholic drinks (including mimosas) for $10! The Paradise Punch is where it’s at.

The best advice I can give after visiting is to do adventurous things! Don’t just sit at the casino all day like the old people do, it gets boring after awhile and the quickest way to lose your coins! Go see the main attractions like Las Vegas Sign, The High Roller, A Show/Concert, The Grand Canyon, The Hoover-dam, The Wax Museum, Zipline ect,. Take some bomb ass pictures at these locations and post them. Also, have a itinerary guide prepared so you’re never bored!

I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to do with the time being, but when I go back i’ll definitely do it. I also didn’t get to wear my night time outfits that I had planned, but i’ll save them for a rainy day.

thumbnail (1)
Reading my book on the plane!
Yo, Las Vegas is really in the middle of the desert
Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant
These shoes were the highlight of my trip, I am obsessed with being extra lol
Just to show you how raunchy Vegas actually is…

thumbnail (2)

thumbnail (4)
Nacho Daddy Fillet Mignon Nacho


Ultimately Vegas is a good time, can’t wait to go back!





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