About Judicious Jade

My goal is¬†to create a blog¬†in the hopes of inspiring and empowering all women of color in areas like wellness,¬†beauty and lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what country¬†you’re from, what you’re mixed with or what shade range you are, if you consider yourself a women of color then this is for you.¬†Just imagine having brunch on the weekend,¬†with your¬†closest friends, discussing life over¬†bottomless¬†mimosas, that’s kind of like this blog …¬†nothing’s off limits.”¬†

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many influential, positive and woke women of color …¬†to say the least.¬†I always¬†felt protected, like¬†they were¬†protecting¬†me from something, but¬†I couldn’t understand what it was? As I became old enough to really understand¬†what the world was about, it started to click. I saw how immediately you’re categorized by all of your external factors, like skin color and gender. I watched how the media portrayed us so negatively,¬†how colorism has brainwashed our communities, how our hair can sometimes¬†determine¬†if we get the job or not,¬†how people try so hard to pin us against each other for entertainment and how sometimes you even experience¬†hatred and jealousy from¬†the same people who look like you.¬†I mean I could go on forevaaa, but i’m sure y’all get the point.

¬†Being a woman of color, the way you see the world and your experiences are¬†different.¬†When I left home for college,¬†that is when¬†I¬†truly¬†experienced what it was like¬†being a women of color in this world. I’ve¬†dealt¬†with¬†unwanted¬†opinions like¬†‘my¬†curly hair would look so much better if it was¬†straight,’¬†spending hours in¬†different¬†stores trying to find the right foundation/nude lipstick to match my¬†skin tone,¬†walking into a grocery store and people eyeing my¬†basket in shock,¬†because all of my¬†groceries¬†are healthy and¬†having to always prove myself and work¬†ten times harder to get the same¬†recognition¬†in professional/school settings. I’ve experienced it all, and I must say it made me hella¬†uncomfortable.

Despite everything, I’m on this journey¬†to unconditionally love who I was created to be.¬†I know so many women that look like me and¬†that are so¬†put together and fearlessly going out into the world and¬†taking everything that belongs to them. I’ve learned from the best, how to be the best, how to look my best, stay in my own lane and win.¬†I’ve always wanted to be a blogger, I mean i’ve got to¬†put this Journalism degree to use somehow, right?

¬†Judicious¬†means¬†to do something with good judgement and sense and¬†I believe that is a fundamental part of life and human growth,¬†and of course my name is Jade and this is my blog.¬†But … this isn’t your typical blog, it’s more like a guide¬†… a guide blog¬†for women of color on how to glow in all areas of your life,¬†when the¬†world tries so damn hard to dim your light.

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