Can we just have a moment of silence for THE QUEEN MF’N BEY, the Destiny’s Child reunion, the outfit changes, the all natural body and the Women Empowerment/HBCU/Homecoming theme, please? As you all may know, Beyoncé was the headlining act for Coachella 2018. Not to mention she is the FIRST black women to headline Coachella, and she came all the way through, snatching wigs and edges effortlessly.



It’s My Birthday, So I Wrote An Open Letter To Myself …

An open letter to myself because I feel as each year goes by and you get older, sometimes you need to remind yourself of who you are and where you’re going. Hopefully, it will also inspire, motivate and trigger others. 

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Yay My First Book “Take A Chill Pill & Be Still” Is Finally Here!

“Take A Chill Pill & Be Still, The Millennials Guide to Living A Bomb Azz Life,” is the book ALL Millennials and Generation Z-er’s need to have added to their collection! You guys i’m so blessed & happy to be able to call myself an author. Over the years, writing has become sooo therapeutic for me and I can finally say i’m living out one of my wildest dreams.

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Always Keep A Side Hustle #BeYourOwnBoss

Do not listen to the ‘nay sayers,’ there is nothing wrong with working a nine to five job. I believe that when you find the right job that meets your qualifications, there is plenty of money to be made and benefits to be had. With that being said, I also believe that making sure you have a legitimate side hustle is just as important. I emphasize legitimate because, please do not be that person out here scamming people out of money, so you can get rich quick (let’s not act like we don’t know a couple of Joanne’s in the streets). I knew I wanted to build my own brand and eventually work for myself, after working hourly jobs in high school and college. I would come home after a long days work and complain to my mother about how rude customers were and how my bosses treated me unfairly. My mom would tell me “Jade, it’s going to be like that where ever you go, unless you start your own business,” and that my friends, stuck with me.

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Stop Thinking You Need To Do The Most To Get A Man

Happy Valentine’s Day. Since it is February and we have made it to the month of love, chocolate and flowers. I thought that now would be a good time to discuss this “how to keep/get a man” tom-foolery I have been seeing on timelines. The other day I just so happen to scroll past a woman tweeting that she would cook, clean, do laundry and wait for it … clean her man’s feet and pick out each and every bone in his meat. Weeks ago, I saw another women giving a list of commandments saying things like, “Ladies it’s not that hard, all you need to do is not nag when your man comes home, give him a massage, run his bath water, cook a full course meal every night and blah blah blah *insert other slave/submissive duties here*.
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The Motivated Women, How To Be On Your A+ Game

Life can get real hectic, real fast. Negative situations happen in our lives and it’s inevitable. Whether you just broke up with your boo, or just simply going through a troubling time-period in your life, motivation is what fuels us to look past our situations and continue on to achieve great things. I’m going to provide you with the necessary steps to getting back on your A+ game.
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Shrimp Salad Recipe

So growing up in the south my whole life, I love good food and it’s the key to my heart. The only thing is, even though it taste delicious, that deep fried, cheesy, smothered goodness wasn’t good for me and I began to feel the effects of it. I completely cut out all dairy, poultry and red meats from my diet and let me just say, it was the best decision for me and my body. I feel more energized and I sleep better. I also cut out fast food and try to cook every night (which saves me money). Thankfully, I’ve learned how to make healthy meals that taste bomb, check out my favorite recipe below!

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