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Ladies, Stop Expecting Closure. It’s Overrated.

Oh goody, the joys of the complicated, confusing and after awhile pointless dating culture. Let’s discuss ‘closure’ on today’s episode, shall we. Closure, the one word that we like to throw around when a dating/relationship situation ends abruptly or without any explanation, and then spend a great amount of time contemplating and wondering in the back of our minds, why did they do me like this? They could at least provide me with some closure, so I can move on. I’m here to tell you guys, I don’t give a damn about receiving closure from no one in my past and neither should you, sis.


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Stop Thinking You Need To Do The Most To Get A Man

Happy Valentine’s Day. Since it is February and we have made it to the month of love, chocolate and flowers. I thought that now would be a good time to discuss this “how to keep/get a man” tom-foolery I have been seeing on timelines. The other day I just so happen to scroll past a woman tweeting that she would cook, clean, do laundry and wait for it … clean her man’s feet and pick out each and every bone in his meat. Weeks ago, I saw another women giving a list of commandments saying things like, “Ladies it’s not that hard, all you need to do is not nag when your man comes home, give him a massage, run his bath water, cook a full course meal every night and blah blah blah *insert other slave/submissive duties here*.
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