→ How To Create A Digital Vision Board & What The Hype Is All About?

Vision boards and writing down goals will forever be a check mark, a major yes, but first off, what is a ‘vision board’? I’m sure many of you have heard about the term and the hype surrounding it. But it is exactly what is sounds like, you’re taking your visions and putting them on a board, so everyday you wake up or go to bed you see them, so you don’t forget them. Now, if you want to know how to organize your vision board tailored to what you want, then keep reading.


It’s all about inspiration here people. The reason behind all of this is to help you and inspire you, as you take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. I am a very visual person, and I found out that when I need inspiration the most I turn to pictures and videos. It really helps my motivation and overall mood. I get inspired by so many things weather it’s; people, food, music, style, quotes, art, books ect. When you want more for yourself, you take the steps to get that. Now … start with a damn vision board.

Digital Or Physical Vision Boards?

There are two types of vision boards you can create, digital or physical. Both are absolutely okay. A physical vision board is when you go out and buy a pretty board/frame and you cut out pictures from magazines, or print out from the computer that inspire you, arrange them a board and hang it up, somewhere you can see it each day. It can be time consuming and in my opinion like, who buys magazines anymore? If people are buying magazines, i’m sure they wouldn’t want to cut it up. Wasting paper. 😉

Now digital boards… digital boards is where it’s at. Pinterest is my favorite digital media platform to spend time. It’s like a big digital board. I take images off of Pinterest (follow my Pinterest by the way) and add them into a collage maker. It’s quick and easy, you can take screenshoots, save it as your background, study it each day and have it forever. It’s also easy to go in and change or add something.

How To Organize A Vision Board?

The organization of a vision board is important. You have to have photos on it that have some sort of meaning. The way you can organize it is by categories, for example: a section for career goals, relationship goals, travel goals, family goals, friendship goals, mental health goals, house goals, fitness/health goals, car goals, inspiring quotes and fashion goals. You can also make several different ones, like a single vision board for each area of the area I listed above. I also create it a year at a time, because a year gives enough time for you to complete half, majority or all of your vision. Mind you, there is no rush and everyone’s path is different. Just work towards your goals everyday … you know.

It’s so easy to get tangled up in life’s mess and lose sight of the bigger picture and to be honest, it’s a roller coaster. But I think the beauty in all of this is that our lives are up to us. We have have to create our future… go out into the world and take what we want. When you have a vision… you go for it.