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Yay My First Book “Take A Chill Pill & Be Still” Is Finally Here!

“Take A Chill Pill & Be Still, The Millennials Guide to Living A Bomb Azz Life,” is the book ALL Millennials and Generation Z-er’s need to have added to their collection! You guys i’m so blessed & happy to be able to call myself an author. Over the years, writing has become sooo therapeutic for me and I can finally say i’m living out one of my wildest dreams.

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Vibrate High & Prosper

I’ve spent years trying to change my mindset and perception of how the world worked, because the old way just wasn’t working for me. A couple of life events, positive and negative, have somehow lead me to almost everything I needed to know spiritually and I feel better. No two souls, energies or vibes are the exact same, maybe similar, but not the same. Basically, we all walk around with unique energies that vibrate outward and if you’re familiar with karma, you know that what you put out comes back to you. So, if you want to live a genuine good life (not faking it for your peers) you have to start with high vibrations for better results. It is also important to know that once you start vibrating higher you might walk away or distance yourself from a lot of people, places or things, that you didn’t realize before, weren’t serving you. For example, most of us know a couple of people that have a “bad energy” about them and it doesn’t matter how much money they have, how they look or who they know. Every time you get around them something just feels off and that is because they are vibrating at a low level, or this could be you☕. That is the exact energy you should avoid being around, because it starts to take a toll on you and no one has time for the bad energies or negative vibes from other trolls rubbing off on them. When you eventually get to that place of high vibrations everything will feel like it’s falling into place and every single thing you’re seeking … will find you. You just have to be committed to the journey.

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