5 Inspirational People You Should Watch On YouTube.

I am all about inspiration and motivation because … like, what is life without it. Recently, I found myself in a head space where I wanted to better myself mentally and financially. I feel like when you have discipline in those 2 areas, you become unstoppable. And of course, whenever we need help or guidance with anything, we go straight to miss YouTube. On my journey of becoming a ‘better me’, I have found 5 youtubers that know all of the right things to say, to get me off my ass and to make things happen and I want to share them with you.

Gary Vaynerchuck

I watch his videos all the time, Gary Vee is so energetic and passionate and he loves the word “fuck” lol. He is the perfect go-to for inspiration because he doesn’t sugar coat things and if you ask him a question he’s going to tell you the truth, leaving most people shocked. He knows that going through life the traditional way is fading out and he’s all for the new modern way of becoming successful. If you have a business or thinking of starting one, he gives you really good advice. Your favorite rappers love him too.

Mel Robbins

Mel will tell you like it is too. She focuses mainly on the human mindset/brain and how to be better. She emphasizes ACTUALLY doing the work, not procrastinating or hesitating. My favorite thing she said in one of her videos is that nobody is going to come save you, if you want it bad enough you’ll save yourself. Everything you thought you knew about motivation is … well, a myth.

Breeny Lee

Ladies, are you having trouble in your dating life, with friends or need a confidence pep-talk, please subscribe to Breeny. I love her, she’s so pretty, I love her accent and it’s like listening to your best friend tell you in a nice way to get your shit together. Some people try to portray like they are perfect all the time, but we’re all human and we’re not perfect all the time. Sometimes you may need to watch a “how to” video.

Dave Ramsey

Save your money! Dave really helped me get my money right. Having nice things is cool, but it’s a lot of people with those nice things and very low bank account balances🤭. He gives people the steps to take, to become debt free and how to spend money wisely. My mom actually turned me on to him and once I watched his videos I couldn’t stop. He has a segment on his show where people call in and share their financial struggles (some folks have no money management skills) and gains (22 year olds with a million dollars in savings), and I love listening to them lol.

Derrick Grace

Ok, I know what you’re thinking… I can’t see past the face tattoos. Please listen to his wisdom before you judge. I love watching Derrick’s videos because he is authentic (there are not too many of people like him left) and speaks on real issues, especially ones that are affecting the black community. His perspective on life is interesting and he’s constantly sharing mental gems and yes there is a viral video of him teaching his kids how to use guns and homeschooling them his own way. He’s not your average.

I’m curious, which one of these inspirational Youtubers listed above was your favorite and what did they say that stood out to you? Leave a comment below ↴